Embassy Reaches Exchange Candidates at Comic Con Tunisia, with Marvel Comics Artist David Mack

From July 7 to 9, the Embassy participated in the second edition of Comic Con Tunisia, where nearly eight thousand Tunisians in the comics, video gaming, and digital arts communities flocked to Le Kram Exhibition Center to connect, network and share their passion and interests. With the aim of promoting exchanges recruitment, supporting the nascent local animation and video game industry, and reaching out to youth, the Public Affairs Section organized a booth that provided Tunisians with information about U.S. government exchange programs and studying in the USA, and brought award-winning Marvel Comics artist David Mack for a variety of presentations and appearances.

During David Mack’s visit to Tunisia (July 7-11), the Public Affairs Section organized multiple outreach activities for him with professional artists and youth from underserved areas in Tunis and Sousse. During those meetings and discussions, Mack presented his artwork, shared his drawing techniques, and stressed that dedication and professionalism – not just talent – are essential to excelling in the art world. Much of Mack’s work focuses on sharing powerful socially-conscious ideas and on superheroes with physical disabilities.