The Embassy Hosts Students from Ecole El Euch Le Kram

On April 18, the Embassy received a group of pupils and teachers from Ecole El Euch Le Kram.  The 3rd year pupils presented a role play on the value of work and the 4th and 5th graders presented English grammar themed performance followed by a song. Pupils met with Political Officer Jonathan Peccia, who engaged them into a conversation to practice their English. They talked about their school, dream jobs and the countries they had visited. Jonathan also talked about his hometown Chicago and its characteristics like Lake Michigan Lake, Black Hawks hockey team and famous pizza, and answered the pupils questions. English Language Teaching Coordinator Saida Jedidi Sfaxi and English Language Fellow Natalie Monkemeier conducted a storytelling session followed by arts and crafts. Pupils from Ecole El Euch Le Kram, thank you for visiting!