Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA)

HR/OE is deploying Electronic Recruitment Application. ERA is an electronic applicant management system powered by Monster.com. It will allow Human Resources professionals at Missions overseas to easily identify quality candidates from large pools of online applicants. It is a compliant, flexible, proven applicant tracking solution that automates end-to-end hiring process. Most-of-all, ERA eliminates the need for paper-based activities and streamlines workflows, all while protecting sensitive information.

What is changing?

  • ALL Vacancy Announcements will be posted electronically.
  • ALL applicants MUST apply using the internet interface.
  • The new system and process will bring more standardization to the recruitment process, increasing efficiency and the ability to capture useable metrics.

The new system and process will rank applicants using vacancy-specific questions related to the major duties of the position and the Eight Qualities of Overseas Employees

  • The Supervisor/Selecting Official will log-in to ERA to reviewing draft announcements and applicant shortlists.