El Mansoura Celebrates the Transformation of Informal Dumpsite to Local Park

Kebili residents of different ages, genders, and backgrounds celebrated the inauguration of El Mansoura park on March 10. Until recently, the park was an informal dumpsite but was transformed into a public green space by a group of volunteers from Kebili Municipality, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and regular citizens. Now children and families have a place to connect, play, and spend free time. TADAEEM collected data on the space, provided technical advice, and facilitated discussions between all actors throughout the process.

A local artist worked with stakeholders to design the park and children from a nearby school helped install chairs and pathways. Citizens were eager and passionate during the cleaning campaign and are committed to the upkeep of their new recreational spot.


“We visited the area first. Then, in a workshop, we tried to come up with ideas and collectively think about how to transform this dump-site. We managed to agree on one vision then started working on making it a reality,” Ezzedine Al Mhali, a Kebili local and an activist.

The El Mansoura Park before the transformation (left) and after (right).

“This park is an achievement for our community in this small village, where we don’t have any locations to practice a hobby or even go for a walk in our free time. Our children either go to school or are at home, and women are usually stuck at home. People can break their routine, get fresh air and connect.” Zina Al Agha, a representative from the Turris Association.