COVID-19 Response: The EFE Foundation Launches the National Initiative “” With the Support of the U.S. Embassy in Tunis

The Education for Employment (EFE) Foundation and its local Tunisian affiliate launched a national initiative “,” as part of the national effort to combat COVID-19.

Aimed at all hospital, medical and paramedical staff, is a free online training platform dedicated to the care of COVID-19 patients. This project, carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Health Professions, and with the support of the United States Embassy in Tunis, aims to raise awareness and train health practitioners to better protect themselves in the fight against COVID-19. Providing Protection and Training for First Responders

Since the announcement of the first COVID-19 case in Tunisia, EFE has decided to add its expertise to the national effort to combat the virus. In keeping with the containment strategy, EFE developed  training that is 100 percent virtual. The training team is comprised of an associate professor in emergency medicine, an expert in medical simulation and other qualified medical professionals.

EFE is a civil society organization that specializes in training people in order for them to find employment; thus EFE chose to focus on its main expertise– training first responders to safely treat infected patients.

Live Stream Simulation Sessions

The training cycle takes several forms: educational videos with PowerPoint slides,  live medical simulations and two dimensional educational videos. All training courses are offered with a pre- and post-training evaluation and will be subject to certification.

The Sa7ti simulation sessions are live streamed on Microsoft Teams. To participate, interested parties can register on the “” platform to receive the link to the session of their choice. High-fidelity medical simulation is the perfect tool to train in a controlled setting and without risk for patients and professionals. It provides practical and organizational preparation to respond to a real critical situation. Participants are confronted with a clinical situation related to the context of the COVID-19 through a medical simulation scenario.

Each scenario begins with a briefing and ends with a debriefing, which details areas of  improvement for the participant.  Participants in these sessions can interact by asking questions in real time to the trainers in order to complete their knowledge and improve their practices.