Chris Stevens Youth Network in Tunisia

Approximately 30 students and teachers from throughout Tunisia attended a workshop organized by TEARN (Tunisian Education and Resource Network) in Hammamet. The workshop was sponsored in part by the Chris Stevens Youth Network and featured presentations by teachers and students on projects they had developed throughout the year. The workshop celebrated the conclusion of projects that included an English literature group, a film encouraging environmental preservation, and a rap performance on how to cope with bullying.  Representatives from various English-teaching associations presented during the workshop, including TESOL, TATE and TEARN.

The Chris Stevens Youth Network is an educational network designed to increase dialogue, understanding, community building and discussions on global issues in classrooms throughout the United States and North Africa. This initiative was created in memory of Ambassador Chris Stevens, the former U.S. Ambassador to Libya who was assassinated in 2012. Ambassador Stevens had a commitment to education, dialogue and languages, and he himself studied the Arabic language in Tunisia. We were honored to be able to celebrate the accomplishments of these gifted Tunisian students and teachers of English with the support of the Chris Stevens Youth Network. Congratulations to TEARN on such a successful event and thank you to all who participated!