Resilience and Non-violent Activism in the Black Community

In celebration of Black History Month, the Information Resource Center (IRC) at the U.S. Embassy in Tunis is pleased to invite you to an Interactive program on resilience and non-violent activism in the Black community to explore race relations as well as tensions between security and freedom of expression through non-violent protests. The program will be conducted by Mr. Marc Morial,

The IRC hosts its 5th workshop on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The IRC hosted on Friday its 5th workshop on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship entitled “Challenges in Social Entrepreneurship.”  Ms. Fatma Mselmi, former participant in the professional fellowship program and a consultant in economic development and technology transfer, focused on the inclusive business model as a commercially viable model that could benefit low-income communities and how this model could be applied

The Information Resource Center Hosts Next Level Hip-Hop Program

The IRC hosted four American performers who are in Tunis on the week-long Next Level hip-hop program.  The group–an MC, a DJ, a beatmaker and a dancer—began workshops for members of Tunisia’s hip-hop community at the Maison des Jeunes in La Marsa on Monday.  On Wednesday, the hip-hop artists held a session at the IRC and discussed making art and

The “Free to Rock” documentary film producers engage in a lively discussion with students

Following their European tour, Nick Binkley and Douglas Yeager, co-producers of the documentary film “Free to Rock,  landed in Tunisia where they were able to show their documentary at El Makhzen Cultural Center, the American Corner in Tunis, the IRC and the Tunis Film school.  Their film, focusing on the soft power of the Rock & Roll music in changing

Information Session on EducationUSA in the IRC

EducationUSA adviser in Tunisia, Mariem Laabidi, provides information about finding the right university fit. Session filmed live at the Information Resource Center, US Embassy Tunisia.” Finding the Right Fit: Choosing the U.S. University That’s Right For You – PART I Finding the Right Fit: Choosing the U.S. University That’s Right For You – PART II   Finding the Right Fit:

Primary students from l’Integrale school visit the Embassy

The English Language Teaching Coordinator (ELTC) and the English Language Fellow (ELF) met with a group of students from the 3rd and 4th grade from the l’Integrale school in Le Kram.  The ELF and ELTC conducted a storytelling session with students, including a story told by a native speaker, introducing students to new vocabulary words and a new narrative. The

The IRC Hosts the Second Workforce Development and Youth Employability Workshop

The IRC hosted the second Workforce Development & Youth Employability workshop led by Professor Ethel Hong Badawi, from George Washington University.  The workshop focused on the difference between a cover letter and a personal statement and how to use them in the appropriate context.  The workshop was attended by 26 young students or young job seekers who are working on

The IRC Hosts a Workshop on SMART Governance for Small and Medium Businesses

The IRC hosted a workshop on SMART Governance for Small and Medium Businesses, led by Imen Ameur, Governance Consultant and former Research Assistant at Harvard Kennedy School. The workshop focused on the governance models that Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) need as well as the managerial and technological  tools that could be used by SMBs as part of a SMART

American Teenage Coder, Sophie Houser Visit to Tunisia

Sophie Houser, 19-year old game developer, shared her success story with a variety of young audiences in ESPRIT (the private Institute of Engineering and Technology), the youth-led co-working space, El Space, and the American Corners in Tunis and Sousse. Through her motivational speeches, Sophie talked about her experiences in creating video games, including the challenges of the field of coding,

Cheryl Miller Houser, Co-Director of the Documentary “Generation Startup” Visit to Tunis

As part of the American Film Showcase program, Cheryl Miller Houser visited Tunis to screen her documentary Generation Startup, which follows 6 recent college graduates who put everything on the line to build startups in Detroit, Michigan. Screenings took place in the American Corner Tunis on January 17, in the IHEC (Institute of Higher Commercial Studies) on January 18, in ESPRIT

The IRC Hosts a Webchat Entitled “How to Run Your Startup”

The IRC hosted a live interactive webchat on “How to Run Your Startup” as part of the Global Innovation in Science and Technology series.  The session, attended by young entrepreneurs, generated a lively interaction with two very successful U.S.-based entrepreneurs, namely Ray Crowell, CEO of Humble Impact, and Melissa Perri, founder of Produx Labs.  The speakers focused attention on how

The IRC hosts the Co-Director of the film Generation Startup

The IRC organized a viewing party of the documentary film Generation Startup which centered on the struggles and triumphs of 6 recent college graduates who put everything on the line to build startups in Detroit, Michigan. The film screening, attended by young business students and entrepreneurs, was followed by a lively discussion with the film’s Co-Director, Cheryl Miller Houser.

A Roundtable Discussion on How to Be the Next Techwomen Leader

Women Leaders in Technology (WoLTech), an association founded by a group of Techwomen alumnae to support women in STEM fields, organized a round table discussion entitled “How to be the Next Techwomen Leader.” During the event, the WoLTech team introduced a group of Tunisian women working in STEM to the Techwomen program. The presentation was followed by a Q&A session during

Workshop on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the IRC

The 4th workshop happens in the IRC and continues the series of monthly events on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Entitled “Inspiration in Social Entrepreneurship”, the workshop (organized by the IRC in cooperation with El Space) attracted students mainly from Tunis Business School and ESPRIT who came on December 21st longing for inspiration. The main speaker, Saif Eddine Bouktir (who works

The IRC Hosts the Leading actor Dominic Rains to Discuss BURN COUNTRY with Tunisian Film Students

Tunisian students of Audiovisuals, Cinema and Design from University of Carthage in Tunis were gathered to see the defining moments of the newly-released movie Burn Country. More importantly, the students had the rare chance to discuss the movie with the leading actor, Dominic Rains, and to learn from his experience and journey along the way as an Iranian-American actor in

Film Director Cherien Dabis Discusses AMREEKA with Film Students in the IRC

Tunisian students of Audiovisuals, Cinema and Design from University of Carthage in Tunis were gathered to attend the screening of the 2009 Movie, directed by Cherien Dabis, AMREEKA, which is a drama centered on the trials and tribulations of a proud Palestinian Christian immigrant single mother and her teenage son in small town Indiana. The screening of the movie was

Ambassador Rubinstein Does the Hour of Code and the American Corner in Sfax follows Suit

Microsoft and MentorNations in Tunisia celebrate Computer Science Week and film a short promotional video with Ambassador Rubinstein doing the Hour of Code on December 2. The video did a wonderful job promoting the importance of coding for Tunisian youth. On December 10, the American Corner in Sfax (aka the Franklin Center) hosted two trainers who conducted the Hour of

A Role play simulation attracts new emerging young voices

Information Resource Officer Suzanne Miller conducted a role play simulation at the IRC and the three American Corners (Tunis, Sousse and Sfax, Sousse).  The simulation was entitled “International Refugee Crisis, Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance.”  More than 120 dynamic young students engaged in this role play resulting in a better understanding of how international negotiations are conducted and how compromise

Embassy Celebrates International Education Week 2016 at the American Corner Tunis   

EducationUSA Advisor Meriem Laabidi in collaboration with Public Affairs Section staff celebrated the IEW at the American corner.  The week program promoted the USG exchange programs by organizing info session about higher education in the U.S. and the Embassy exchange program, workshops on college trivia, graduate schools in Tunisia VS those in the U.S and how to apply and a

The Normality of Informality in Trade and Its Impacts

Dr. Sami Bensassi, from Birmingham Business School, gave a presentation at the IRC on the economics of informal trade.  After outlining how smuggling is defined under both U.S. and the Tunisian law, he assessed informal trade through two case studies, then took a closer look at the consequences.  The audience showed an interest in knowing the cost of informal trade

A Presentation in the IRC on E-Governance Sparks Debate

Former Fulbright Visiting Scholar Dr. Nizar Ben Neji gave a presentation on “e-government: The Legal, Institutional and Technical Frameworks,” highlighting its advantages and its shortcomings, particularly the legal components, which must keep up with rapid technological changes. He also demonstrated how to digitally sign an official document. Attendees discussed e-government in relation to preventing corruption and increasing transparency, and also

IRC Hosts Second Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

The IRC held the second in a series of 12 events organized in cooperation with the co-working space El Space. Paco Llorente, one of the founding members of El Space, led an interactive workshop where he invited participants to identify ways of putting entrepreneurial projects at the service of society and social development.  Paco emphasized the importance of integrating social impact

Public Affairs Hosts Café Talk on Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship

Publich Affairs Section organized a debate between 10 civil society representatives, business people, experts in entrepreneurship and university professors on how to boost entrepreneurship opportunities to improve employability among youth in Tunisia. The event was organized with local NGO IIDebate and hosted by the Embassy’s IRC. Several USG initiatives – by PAS and USAID – to encourage economic development and

A Historical Overview of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

“Democratic Drama or Democratic Decline: Making Sense of the 2016 US Presidential Election.”  This captivating subject drew more than one hundred students from Tunis Business School (TBS) and theSousse College of Arts and Humanities (FLSHS) to a talk and Q & A with political analyst and Washington Institute for the Near East Policy fellow Dr. Sarah Feuer. Dr. Feuer, whose

Dr. Sarah Feuer Examines the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Dr. Sarah Feuer, Political Scientist at the Washington Institute for the Near East Policy, gave a presentation titled “Democratic Drama  or Democratic Decline: Making Sense of the  2016 US Presidential Election.”  Before beginning her talk, she emphasized that the opinions she would be expressing were those of a private citizen and not those of the U.S. Embassy or the U.S.

Expert in Drama Therapy Visits IRC

Dr. Robert Landy, Professor of Educational Theater and Applied Psychology at New York University, gave a presentation at the IRC entitled “Introducing Drama Therapy.” The session was moderated by Elyes Baccar, Artistic Director of the Human Rights Film festival. Dr. Landy showed the audience his play Standing Tall, devised for a group of students in the New York area in

Embassy Joins ENIT Communication Week

U.S. Embassy representatives enjoyed taking part in the Communication Week organized by the Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT). Embassy staff talked to more than 200 students, sharing information about scholarships in the U.S. and the educational and cultural programs offered by the Embassy’s Information Resource Center. The ENIT students, who are just about to graduate, also attended a presentation conducted

Marc Lynch Discusses Uprisings and Anarchy in the Middle East

Marc Lynch, Professor of Political Science at George Washington University, gave a talk at the Information Resource Center (IRC) that centered around his latest book The New Arab Wars: Uprisings and Anarchy in the Middle East. Dr. Lynch provided an in-depth analysis of the changing political landscape in the Middle East following the Arab Spring and discussed the rationale behind

Tunisian-American Professor discusses the politics of Arab American Culture

Dr. Nouri Gana, Associate Professor at UCLA, gave a talk at the IRC that revolved around the collection of essays he edited in a book titled The Edinburgh Companion to the Arab Novel in English: The Politics of Anglo Arab and Arab American Literature and Culture. The first part of the talk addressed the intellectual history of the Arab novel in English through a

IRC Marks World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Racha Haffar, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant alumna and President of the Not 4 Trade association conducted a workshop entitled “Trafficking in Persons 101” to mark the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Racha defined what human trafficking is and helped those in attendance to understand the scope of the problem at the national and international levels. She also discussed

“STAR WARS DAY” by the Fan Club Star Wars Tunisia at our IRC

“A breath-taking experience,” “a saga that blows your mind,” and a “fabulous journey that stirs the imagination beyond belief” were some of the ways fascinated young audience members described Star Wars Day at the Information Resource Center (IRC). To mark the 40th anniversary of the filming of the saga in Tunisia, the Tunisian Star Wars Fan Club shared with the

IRO Suzanne Miller Meets Students at American Corners

During her first visit to Tunisia, Cairo-based Information Resource Officer Suzanne Miller visited the American Corners in Tunis, Sousse and Sfax.  She had the chance to meet with the coordinators and volunteers who make the spaces so vibrant.  At the Franklin Center in Sfax, Suzanne met with members of the debate club, observed a debate session on the topic of

Tunisian Folk, Algerian Rai, and Hollywood Soundtracks: A Conversation with MC Rai

“Musical fusion.” “A harmonious blend of Tunisian folk music and Algerian rai.” “A rediscovery of our musical roots through musical instruments.” Those were just a few of the ways the IRC audience described their experience listening to Tunisian-American singer MC Rai.  Accompanied by the rhythms of the Gombri instrument played by artist Jamel Boukraa, MC Rai performed several pieces.  He

Celebration of World Press Freedom Day at the IRC

On World Press Freedom Day, celebrated every year on May 3rd, Seth Meixner, Country Director of the Institute for War & Peace Reporting (IWPR) spoke at the IRC.  Mr. Meixner focused on the practical training IWPR conducts to empower young journalists, and also discussed the skills journalists need to protect digital information and to ensure their own safety.  For journalists

“Far From Home” Follows an Olympic-size Dream

The Information Resource Center (IRC) hosted a viewing of the independent documentary film “Far From Home,” which follows the journey of Brolin Mawejje from Uganda to the U.S. and ultimately to the international snowboard circuit.  The documentary explores Brolin’s complicated family life, his gifted athletic abilities, and his desire to represent Uganda as the first African snowboarder to compete in

Tunisian and American University Students Forge New Connections

As part of the “Connecting Classrooms” program, the Information Resource Center (IRC) organized a video conference to connect graduate level students from the University of Tunis with their peers from the University at Albany, State University of New York. The video conference allowed students from both universities to share language learning experiences where technology was the primary medium. The Tunisian

Trauma in Language and History

Dr. Cathy Caruth, Professor of Humane Letters at Cornell University in the U.S., led a video-conference discussion with students at the Information Resource Center (IRC.)  Jointly organized by the IRC and the Tunisian Association of Young Researchers (TAYR), the discussion was titled Trauma in Language and History in the 21st Century. Starting with an introduction to trauma theory and references to

Social Media Hygiene

As part of the Meet a Diplomat series, Brian Tyers, Information Security Officer at the U.S Embassy in Tunis, gave a presentation entitled “Social Media Hygiene: Why Managing Your Online Persona Matters.” Mr. Tyers provided the audience with practical tips for how to use social media responsibly while safeguarding one’s privacy. Mr. Tyers emphasized the importance of maintaining both a

IRC Talk Tackles Immigration and Assimilation

Public Diplomacy Officer Inga Litvinsky, who works on Maghreb issues in Washington, spoke at the IRC and described her journey from “From Immigrant to Diplomat.”  Born in Kiev, Ukraine—which was then part of the Soviet Union—Litvinsky came to the U.S. in 1975 and settled in Omaha, Nebraska, with her parents.  She began first grade, quickly learned English and began her

Women’s Rights in Tunisia: The Limits of an Exception

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the IRC hosted “Women’s Rights in Tunisia: The Limits of an Exception.” Dr. Omar Fassatoui, an attorney, lauded Tunisia’s progressive Code of Personal Status, a set of laws that changed family law and the legal status of women, but he emphasized that more work needs to be done to reduce gender inequality. These challenges

“Draw My Science” more than meets the expectation of its audience

On Friday, March 18, two Sousse high-school students who created a YouTube series called “Draw My Science” visited the American Corner Tunis to share their videos with a  group of about 20 students.  Baha Lajmi and Fahd Baaziz use colorful drawings and simple language to create the Arabic-language videos, which explain scientific subjects to a young audience.    At the

Former Tunisian Minister Shares Middle East Expertise at IRC

Dr. Abdelbaki Hermassi—who served as Tunisia’s Minister of Culture, Minister of Foreign Affairs and UNESCO Ambassador—spoke at the IRC on Thursday, March 17. His wide-ranging presentation covered topics like Iran’s Islamic revolution, the rise of political Islam, the Pan-Arabic movement, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Arab Spring and terrorism. He also spoke about how North African nations and the Gulf countries

The Tunisian Revolution: A Tale of Two Cities

  Michael Marcusa, a doctoral candidate in political science at Brown University, led a lively discussion in the IRC entitled “When Modernization Fails: Revolution and Radicalism inTunisia.”  Marcusa has spent 10 months doing fieldwork in southern and central Tunisia, and his talk focused on Sidi Bouzid and Metlaoui.  Though the cities face similar economic hardships, he said that protests in

Promoting Peace Through Citizen Journalism

In partnership with the Tunisian chapter of the YaLa Academy, an innovative online institution for the formation of future regional peace leaders, the IRC organized a program focused on innovative ways to use citizen journalism to promote peace and dialogue across the MENA region.  Rahma Sghaier, YaLa Tunisian chapter coordinator, explained how citizen journalism empowers youth to use technology to

Meet a Champion: A Chat with Olympian Oussema Mellouli

After an early-morning workout on the West coast of the U.S., Tunisian swimming champion Ous Mellouli chatted via video with a large group of students at the American Corner in Tunis.  Guests watched a video outlining Ous’ path to success—the hard work, the dedication, the challenges, and the victories. Ous talked about what it takes to succeed at an Olympic

IT Certification and Job Competitiveness for Young Tunisian Graduates

Russell Hodge, Information Management Specialist at the U.S. Embassy, discussed the importance of IT certifications for job competitiveness with more than 40 young graduates at the American Corner last week. He shared practical advice for how to best select the right IT certifications to increase the chances of being hired. Mr. Hodge also shared his own experiences in a competitive

IRC Celebrates Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, the IRC hosted a video conference between students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and their peers from the University of Tunis.  Dr. Jeannette Jones,  Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, led the discussion, entitled “The Legacy of the Reconstruction Amendments and the Rise of #BlackLivesMatter.” Dr. Jones  gave

IRC Holds Mock Caucus

This month’s “Meet a Diplomat” program focused on a topic straight from the headlines:  the Iowa caucus.  Iowan Jeffrey Osweiler, the Embassy’s Consular Chief, explained how the small agricultural state became the testing ground for U.S. presidential candidates.  After discussing the media frenzy surrounding the poll and describing the caucus as a community-based process, a “gathering of Neighbors” where participatory

Reading Between the Lines with Young Author Roua Seghaier

  As part of the new “Meet the Author” program, the Information Resource Center held a book discussion session led by Roua Sghaier, author of The Memory of the Pavement, which was honored with the 2015 Arab Creativity Award in Literature.  A prolific and talented writer, Roua shared her passion for writing since childhood.  In 2011, Roua was selected by

One American’s Mission to Help Refugees

The IRC held a video conference Wednesday with Michigan-based physician Dr. Yahya Basha.  Dr. Basha talked to a group of students, describing his long-term support of the Arab refugee community in Michigan and throughout the United States.  Originally from Syria, Dr. Basha shared his experience working with communities of different religions to advocate for tolerance, cross-cultural understanding, and to build

Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman strikes a Chord with Young Tunisians!

Drawing on his extensive experience in coaching young entrepreneurs, Jeff Hoffman, Co-founder of ColorJar and a founding member of, provided useful tips to more than 120 participants in Tunis, Sousse and Sfax on how to build a successful start-up. According to Jeff, “Following operational excellence in business is what brings you the money.” For Jeff, an entrepreneur does not

Citizen Journalism Talk Sparks Lively Debate

“Eye-opening.”  “Truly informative.”   “Thought-provoking.”   This is how participants described the talk Dr. Hedi Zaouchi gave on Citizen Journalism at the IRC.  Dr. Zaouchi, professor of cultural  studies, emphasized that citizen journalism, or “people’s media,” can serve as a media watchdog in democratic societies.  He said that in times of crisis, activists can replace the elite media gatekeepers and

Celebrating International Women’s Day

  To mark International Women’s Day, the U.S. Embassy Deputy Political and Economic Counselor Auden Mckernan and Representative of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) A. Heather Coyne led a roundtable discussion with a group of Tunisian activists for women’s issues. They debated the pace of women’s progress in the U.S. and Tunisia, particularly in the areas of

Roundtable on Combating Gender-based Violence

  On December 9, representatives from the Ministry of Women, Family, and Children; the Ministry of Justice; the Ministry of Social Affairs; the Association of Tunisian Judges; and the Center of Arabic Women for Training and Research met at the IRC to discuss efforts to combat gender-based violence with members of the diplomatic community. Panel members emphasized the important role

Melting Pot, or Russian Salad?

As part of our “Meet a Diplomat” speaker series, Mr. Mohammed Tahir, Information Management Officer, spoke about Diversity and Islam in the United States. After sharing his personal experience as an immigrant through the Diversity Visa Lottery program, Mr. Tahir outlined the significant changes in American society with regard to ethnic diversity. The election of an African American President for

Skype Press Conference With Salah Mejri, the First Tunisian Player in the NBA

The Embassy hosted Tunisian sports journalists at a Skype press conference with Dallas Mavericks center Salah Mejri, the first Tunisian player in the NBA. The Jendouba-born Mejri signed with the Mavericks on July 30 and played his first NBA game on October 28. He fielded questions about his first month in the NBA, discussed his experiences with the Tunisian National

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) — a Historical and Sociological Perspective and Discussion

“I thought I knew all about CSR, but today’s session broke new ground for me.” As part of the Meet a Diplomat speaker series, Embassy Financial Management Officer Rich Shields took the audience on a thought-provoking journey. Mr. Shields challenged the audience to think of CSR as a gradual and natural evolution in a free market economy. This type of

“I Am That Girl:” Women’s Empowerment Through Social Media

A number of students and TechGirls alumnae participated in a workshop last week examining the role of social media and internet communication tools to advocate for women’s issues. Participants learned how these tools can help to raise awareness about women’s causes and promote positive change in real life. The workshop was conducted by Amie Williams, Executive Director and Co-founder of

A Trans-Atlantic Debate on Identity

“Eye-opening.” “Enlightening.” “Very timely.” These were just a few of the words used to describe a video conference facilitated by the IRC between students of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and their peers from the Universities of Sousse and Tunis.  The discussion revolved around “North African Identity in Tunisia and France: Then and Now.” The video conference allowed Tunisian and American

A Workshop Mixed Solo Acting with Group Performances Led by Lebanese-American writer and artist Leila Buck at IRC

n a workshop that mixed solo acting with group performances, Lebanese-American writer and artist Leila Buck inspired students and teachers alike to employ drama in cross-cultural engagement and social integration settings. Using the IRC space as her stage, Ms. Buck sparked the imagination of participants by encouraging them to improvise scenarios. Each performance walked the fine line that oftentimes exists

Big Turnout at the IRC for Doctoral Day Event

More than 70 Masters’ students and Ph.D. researchers attended the first ever doctoral study day on “Writing Research Proposals in Culture Studies, Linguistics and Business Management” at the Information Resource Center (IRC).  The event was organized in collaboration with the Tunisian Association of Young Researchers (TAYR) and the Tunisian American Young Professionals (TAYP). Three eminent professors volunteered to share their

International Day of the Girl: Celebrating Girls Today and Girls of the Future

On Saturday October 17th, the American Embassy celebrated the International Day of the Girl at the American Corner Tunis. A panel of three speakers shared their stories of the work they are doing to empower girls in Tunisia and around the world. Amie Williams, Executive Director and Co-Founder of GlobalGirl Media, Ahlem Nasraoui, founder of the Young Leaders Entrepreneurs NGO

Fighting the Red Palm Weevil — Dr. Mark Hoddle Shares His Expertise

Dr. Mark Hoddle, Entomologist and Director of the Center for Invasive Species Research at the University of California Riverside, shared his experience with Tunisian peer researchers on how the red palm weevil, considered to be the world’s most serious palm pest, was eradicated from Southern California.   Dr. Hoddle highlighted that the success of the Southern California experience was thanks

USAID Programs in Tunisia: 35 Years of Partnership for Development

The Information Resource Center organized its second “Meet a Diplomat” event featuring USAID Senior Development Advisor Kay Freeman. A diverse group of researchers, students and professionals came to hear Ms. Freeman discuss 35 years of partnership between Tunisia and USAID. Ms. Freeman traced the history of USAID in Tunisia since the sixties and outlined how USAID returned to operate in

“Meet a Diplomat” Program More Than Meets Expectations

“Based on life experience…” “Genuine and thought-provoking…” were just some of the positive phrases uttered by students attending yesterday’s presentation by Consular Chief Jeffrey Osweiler comparing life and politics in the U.S. and Canada. Looking at both countries through the lens of an American who studied and lived in Canada, Osweiler provided unique insight, comparing the social, cultural, economic and

“Bicycling the West Coast” Draws a Crowd at IRC

An audience of more than 50 gathered at the IRC to hear Tunisian cyclist Arafet Ben Marzou share his experiences traveling the West Coast of the United States.  Arafet showed a video of his journey and then used a slide show to discuss environmental-protection practices in America, including green energy policy, open-space preservation programs, sustainable cities and art recycling. He

UCLA Professor Leads Discussion on Tunisian Revolution at IRC

On Friday, August 7, UCLA’s Dr. Nouri Gana, editor of The Making of the Tunisian Revolution: Contexts, Architects, Prospects, spoke about the country’s political evolution with 42 scholars, students and journalists at the IRC.  The Tunisian-born Gana discussed the book’s development, international media coverage of Tunisia’s revolution and the nation’s culture of dissent.  His talk was followed by a lively

Celebration of the 25th anniversary of ADA

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (‪#ADA‬), the IRC hosted a screening of videos highlighting the significance of ADA in America’s struggle for equal opportunity for all of its citizens. Approximately 20 disability activists and NGO representatives attended the event. After the screening, U.S. Embassy Press Attache Carina Klein moderated a discussion of disability

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