‪‎Jazz‬ Chants: Carolyn Graham Presents a Unique Way to Teach ‎English‬

The U.S. Embassy IRC and the ELT Coordinator, with the Cooperation of the New Horizon Center, organized a workshop last week—Teaching English Language through Jazz Chants. Guest speaker Carolyn Graham conducted the workshop which included Inspectors, English teachers and students.Photo of an English class

Ms. Graham introduced the audience to the creative pedagogical method she has been using for more than 25 years. She showed teachers how easy it is for them to create their own jazz chants to reinforce vocabulary and grammar. She also emphasized how jazz beats help students to learn quickly and efficiently.

The audience was very engaged in the workshop activities and pleased with the content. Teachers expressed their commitment to sharing what they learned with their colleagues and look forward to implementing this new method in their classrooms.