Café Talk Program

About Café Talk

Café Talk is about organizing open discussions in Cafes. We aim to bring young people together by giving them the space to discuss and debate about topics they feel concerned about.  We believe that having powerful conversations is the first step to improve our communities and make change.

Examples of Cafés Talk

Two topics: (1) Infrastructure and Internet access in Tunisia (2)  Internet Governance and Human Rights 

Date:  April 16th, 2016
Venue:  Tunis Villa 78
Number of participants: 23

Topic: The team made a video addressing the issue of violence in schools and the effective solutions that can be followed to minimize the rate of violence in Tunisian educational institutions.

Date: March 27, 2016

Topic: The violence in public schools.

Date:  March 25, 2016

Topic:  As part of Tunisia’s ‪Youth Speak Forum organized by AIESEC Tunisia, 16 café talks. The debates were around Tunisian youth and education. Attached you will find some pictures

Date : March 24, 2016
Venue: Palais des Sciences, Monastir
Number of Cafe Talks: 16
Number of moderators: 16
Number of Participants: 408

Topic:  The violence against women as Tunisia celebrates Women’s Day

Date:  March 8, 2016

Topic:  In commemoration  of the assassination of the political leader Chokri Belaid:  The effect of social media and technology on spreading and fighting extremist thoughts among Tunisian youth

Date: February 6, 2016
Venues:  Tunis, Bizerte, Sfax and Medenine