What is a Gold Key Service (GKS)?
The Department of State Economic and Commercial Section Tunisia will arrange 4 to 5 one-on-one appointments per day with pre-screened Tunisian partners and government officials. A Commercial Specialist will accompany the U.S. client to meetings upon client’s request. This service includes reservation at major hotels with reduced rates BUT it does not include interpreter and transportation. Company must submit product information 8 weeks prior to meetings, and will receive a copy of the Country Commercial Guide.
Delivery: 8 weeks advance scheduling required.

What is an International Company Profile (ICP)?
To assist U.S. companies to enter into international business relationships with confidence. The ICP helps U.S. companies to more effectively evaluate potential business partners by providing a detailed report on Tunisian companies which have been personally visited, if feasible, by a Commercial Specialist in Tunisia. Through the service, clients can request answers to specific questions about Tunisian companies on a variety of issues and receive expert advice from our Commercial Specialists about the relative strength of the firm and its overall reliability in this market.

What is an International Partner Search (IPS)?
The U.S Companies will get high-quality market information on the sales potential for their products and services, complete contact information on key officers, intelligence on company size, sales, years in business and number of employees, and a statement from each potential partner on the market ability of their product or ser-vice.
Delivery: 15 business days

For more information about our Fee-Based Services, please contact: TunisCommercial@state.gov