BRCP collaborating with Shams Technology in Kairouan to hire new recruits

Shams Technology was created in 2013 and manufactures photovoltaic solar panels in the underdeveloped governate of Kairouan. Shams invested in cutting-edge assembly lines, however the company soon realized they were unable to find and recruit a qualified workforce. “Hiring isn’t an easy process,” explained Medji Kilani, CEO of Shams Technology, “It is complicated. As a new business, we have a vision and know what we want but we don’t have adequate recruitment processes.”

BRCP began working with Shams to reinforce their recruitment capabilities, hiring a specialized HR consultant to coach the company’s human resource team in CV evaluation, utilization of psychometric assessments, and conducting effective job interviews. To locate potential candidates, BRCP’s workforce development called upon project partners, mainly the 4C center of Kairouan. BRCP has helped create and promote a network of 4C Career Development and Certification Centers within higher educational institutions throughout Tunisia. Fadhl Feydi, director of the Kairouan 4C, described the role of these centers, “The career development centers are part of reforming higher education. Today there is a big gap between the higher education system and the job market. The 4Cs act as a link between higher education institutions and the job market.” This primary sourcing led to 120 candidates, from which 20 were hired and trained in soft skills including communication, teamwork, and leadership.

BRCP and ST engaged an industrial management expert to train the newly recruited candidates on how to implement proper industrial practices, including lean manufacturing tools and occupational health & safety procedures. Taheni Mahdweni, one of the new hires, described her experience finding work at Shams, “I have an Applied bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation from ISSAT. I have a master’s degree in industrial power grids and I currently work with Shams technology as a production technician. Many young people are looking for jobs, they have to attend trainings, think in a better way, be ambitious. They need to have the will and courage and not give up. They need to keep searching for opportunities, even in different fields. They can gain experience and work towards their career goals.”

“It’s a deep feeling,” recounted the CEO Mr. Kilani, “Taheni is like a daughter. I brought her to the professional world. That feeling that you succeeded in helping someone reach their potential, helping them be creative and find a job, so that they also can help other people. Tunisia is a good country. Tunisian youth are smart and have remarkable potential. I hope they find jobs, achieve great things, and help this country do better.”

As a result of the technical collaboration effort between BRCP and Shams Technology, the company was able to hire 20 new recruits.