BRCP and Leoni company collaborating to hire new recruits

Leoni is a wiring system and cable technology company located in Messaadine, Sousse. Leoni originally approached BRCP for recruitment assistance. “We’re planning to hire around a hundred people with the collaboration of BRCP. We approached BRCP to help us organize recruitment in the regions, in the South, the North, and even here in Sousse,” explained Yosra Ben Ahmen, head of human resources at Leoni.

As BRCP worked with Leoni, it became clear that one of the underlying causes behind the company’s recruiting challenges was a high employee turnover rate, leading to decreased productivity, unfilled orders, and increased labor costs.

BRCP’s workforce development team met with Leoni HR to arrange a needs analysis workshop with the company’s trainers, supervisors, line managers and operators. BRCP and Leoni then implemented an HR assistance and technical collaboration effort to locate and recruit new employees, as well as improve the work environment. This technical collaboration effort included improvements to working conditions at production sites, as well as a training program focused on conflict management, stress management, team orientation, and communication. “The trainers are nice to us, they try to explain everything, they are understanding, they introduced us to the factory. They showed us the different machines and jobs. And now we started to make actual wiring.” said Emna Amor, a new recruit.

In collaboration with BRCP partners, the project held enterprise days in the disadvantaged regions of Sidi Bouzid, El Kef, Gafsa, and Kairouan to locate potential recruits. Hassen, a young graduate who attended the enterprise day in El Kef and was subsequently recruited, said “I appreciated them coming to the interior, generally people don’t come there. This company took the initiative to come and offer jobs.”

BRCP and Leoni’s collaboration resulted in the hiring of 98 new recruits.