BRCP helping La Badira Hotel training and hiring 43 new employees

Founded in 2015, La Badira is a luxury hotel offering the highest quality of service. As Tunisia’s tourism industry plunged into crisis following the terrorist attacks in 2015, many hotels in the Hammamet region where La Badira is located, closed their doors. La Badira management made the decision to stay open year-round, targeting local customers seeking luxury accommodation at affordable prices in the offseason.

In the spring of 2016, after surviving its first year under the new circumstances, La Badira was preparing for the high season. The company urgently needed to improve its human resource management in order to staff the hotel and maintain the quality of its services. La Badira had been through three HR directors in less than 14 months and had open positions the hotel had been unable to staff for over 6 months.

BRCP and La Badira jointly implemented an HR overhaul and pre-employment training effort, including the recruitment of a new HR director. “I am very pleased to be a part of La Badira, and with my job here,” says Naoui Henda, HR director at La Badira, “It has been very rewarding for me. I never imagined this opportunity.” Working with Mrs. Henda and La Badira management, BRCP introduced La Badira to Tounes Ta3mal, an innovative job matching platform promoted by BRCP in partnership with Microsoft. In addition to industry-specific recruitment and candidate coaching for potential recruits, BRCP organized a series of enterprise days, contacting job seekers to bring them to the hotel and working with hotel HR to define and address recruitment needs. As described by Mouna Ben Halima, the director of the hotel, “We explained our needs and BRCP organized several recruitment days to find good candidates. There was a lot of communication between us. We had several different interviews, and chose the candidates that matched us the best.” To address priority skill gaps, BRCP and La Badira arranged a pre-employment training program for the recruits on the standards and culture required in the luxury hotel industry. Mrs. Ben Halima continued, “But the real benefit, where BRCP really helped us, was training and integrating new recruits into our HR culture.”

As a result of BRCP’s HR overhaul and pre-employment training assistance, La Badira Hotel was able to hire 43 new employees.