BRCP and 4C at ISET Gabes collaborating to foster employability for students and recent graduates

Abir Mansouri graduated from the Higher Institute of Technology of Gabes (ISET Gabes) in June, 2015 with a major in financial accounting. She is one of many students who have benefited from the 4Cs, created and supported by the Business Reform and Competitiveness Project (BRCP). In partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, BRCP has created a network of 4C’s throughout educational institutions in Tunisia. These 4Cs combine Career Development and certification services to foster employability for students and recent graduates. 4Cs provide career guidance, organize workshops on resume writing and interview techniques, hold employability events such as career days and enterprise days, and connect students with employers.

“The 4C is a good parent who provides guidance to his children and helps them choose their professional path,” explains Mr. Riadh, the counselor at 4C ISET Gabes, “We help young people in the region overcome their problems to find jobs and better integrate into their professional lives. We make them more competitive in their job search.”

When Abir graduated, the 4C was instrumental in helping her find employment. Mr Riadh, she says, “calls graduated students and encourages them to apply when there are jobs open. He gives us the names of companies and tells us to go see them. He points us in the right direction.

Abir participated in several workshops and employability events at 4C ISET Gabes. These career services empowered her and helped her to find a job eight months after graduating. “Things were much easier for me thanks to Mr Riadh’s assistance and the trainings on how to interview, how to write a resume and talk to employers,” said Abir.

BRCP has created and supported 43 4Cs and helped organized 94 4C-related employability events in education institutions throughout the country, as of April, 2017. The 4Cs have been given status as administrative departments within educational institutions by the MHESR, and serve as a crucial link between the needs of private enterprises and the preparation of job seekers by the educational systems. BRCP and the MHESR continue to create 4Cs, towards the goal of leveraging greater employment for young graduates in Tunisia and sustainably increasing the employability and job skills of students and graduates.