Attention Alumni! Have YOU Joined TAAN – Tunisian American Alumni Network Yet?

On Friday September 18th more than 100 U.S. program alumni and supporters gathered to celebrate the launch of the Tunisian American Alumni Network (TAAN.) This umbrella network, open to all alumni of U.S. government-sponsored programs, will give each alumnus in Tunisia the opportunity to be involved, network, volunteer and give back to their communities with the support and cooperation of other alumni from around the country.

Friday’s celebration featured an introduction of the TAAN board of directors, a presentation of several volunteer opportunities for alumni, and provided an opportunity for alumni to meet others in the larger alumni community. Thomas Jefferson alumni mingled with SUSI; MEPI alumni chatted with alumni of the Access program; Between the Lines and YES alumni compared notes on their U.S. experiences. Friday marked a new chapter in alumni cooperation and involvement.

Speaking of involvement, if you are an alumnus of a program sponsored by the U.S. Government, here’s how you can get involved!

① Join TAAN today: