Ambassador’s Remarks for TAEF-STTGO Signature Ceremony

I am delighted to be here today and I would like to thank our host, Mr. Adel Khalifa, for his warm welcome.

Thanks to assistance from USAID and its partners, small and medium- size companies across Tunisia are working to develop and implement ambitious business plans that will attract investment and spark the creation of private-sector jobs.

With assistance from USAID and its partners, Tunisian companies are taking important steps to be more competitive in the international market by complying with key international standards.

Today I will have the opportunity to tour the Société Tunisienne de Traitement de Grignons d’ Olives plant and see firsthand how the management and employees are working together to implement the company’s ambitious development plan and incorporate  international standards established by the United Nations, the International Labor Organization, as well as national standards established by Tunisia’s own national law.

International consumers want high-quality products, and businesses that comply with international standards with respect to environmental protection, quality control, and working conditions develop a reputation for making high-quality products.

USAID and its partners are helping businesses throughout Tunisia to compete in the international marketplace and to promote the “Made in Tunisia” brand.

With assistance from USAID and its partners, STTGO and other businesses across Tunisia are showing the world that Tunisia is open for business.