Ambassador Welcomes Exchange Programs Returnees

Ambassador Rubinstein welcomed the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES) family to the U.S. Embassy for a special reception.  He was joined by newly-minted YES alumni, just back from their year as exchange students in the U.S.  Alumni regaled the Ambassador and other Embassy staff with stories of their host families, recollections of their extracurricular involvement and volunteer work, and impressions of their host communities.  Whether they lived in the dazzling snowy north of Vermont or the hospitable warmth of Texas, YES alumni made it clear that their year in the U.S. made an unforgettable impression.  The Ambassador also had the chance to meet the next generation of YES students, preparing to travel to the U.S. in the coming weeks.  He heard about their hopes and expectations, their excitement as they learned where in the U.S. they’d be living, and their long road to becoming YES finalists.  He also had the opportunity to meet their parents and share in their pride as their children prepare to be ambassadors of Tunisian culture in the U.S.  YES 2015-16, welcome home, and YES 2016-17, bon voyage!