Ambassador Blome’s Remarks at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Tunisian Scouts’ International Training and Camping Center in Bordj Cedria

Thank you to the Tunisian Scouts Organization for this opportunity to meet with you today.

– Ms. Sihem Ayadi, Minister of Youth, Sports and  Professional Integration,
– Mr. Ali Said, Governor of Ben Arous,
– Mr. Nizar Magri, Mayor of Hammam Chatt and
– Mr. Wahid Labidi, Chairman of the Tunisian Scouts Organization

I am very pleased to inaugurate with you this Scouts Training Center we have recently renovated.

Tunisia is rightfully proud to have extended education throughout its territory. And thanks to its civil society networks, it also has the right to be proud of spreading the values of dialogue, innovation and teamwork.

Once upon a time, I, too, was a cub in a scouting group. My experience taught me to work with others and to work for the sake of others.

“Today’s Scout is Tomorrow’s Leader”. We are proud of our partnership with the Tunisian Scouts, who enlist their sons and daughters to the service of all Tunisians. It unites them, despite their differences, around common goals, whether for elections or fighting Covid.

Over the past two years, the US government has provided more than 138 million dinars to support local organizations developing the mental, physical, social, and even professional capacities of Tunisian youth.

For example, we are renovating 26 youth centers across Tunisia, helping young entrepreneurs launch innovative businesses, and sending every year, hundreds of students on educational and professional exchange programs to the United States.

We are pleased to build bridges of communication and cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and with national organizations for a brighter future for the builders of tomorrow.