Alumni‬ Reintegration Camp

hey may have different academic and professional backgrounds and they come from different regions in Tunisia; however, they share a lot in common regarding their U.S. Government (USG) exchange experience in the United States.

August 21-23, the U.S. Embassy in cooperation with the We Youth USG alumni association organized a reintegration camp—an opportunity for USG alumni from YES, SUSI, NESA, Fulbright FLTA, Fulbright MA, Access, MEPI, Thomas Jefferson and Coca-Cola programs to share knowledge and experiences acquired during their life-changing time in the U.S.

With the help of alumni coaches, camp participants walked through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions on project management and communication skills. The reintegration camp created a unique opportunity for alumni from different programs regions, and backgrounds to connect and develop project ideas related to common causes and interests.

The organizers, trainers and participants of the camp were all alumni of USG exchange programs. The camp reinforced the idea of alumni nurturing other alumni through sharing skills and exchanging experiences.The U.S. Embassy would like to thank We Youth alumni association and all the alumni for their teamwork and commitment. We look forward to more events in the future!

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