80th anniversary of the end of the Tunisia Campaign of World War II

This week, we commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the Tunisia Campaign of World War II, which was a turning point for the Allied forces and liberated North Africa from Nazi control on May 13, 1943. This success in Tunisia paved the way for the liberation of Europe and strengthened the partnership between the allied countries. As part of the commemorative events, Ambassador Joey Hood alongside the Ambassadors of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany, traveled to Gabes as a guest of the Ministries of Defense, Tourism and Culture to visit the Mareth Line Museum that documents a pivotal battle between Allied and Axis forces along the line of Wadi Zigzaou. Other commemorative events included a symposium at the Oudhna archaeological site with preeminent World War II scholars and a gathering with Tunisian officials at the Ambassador’s residence. The North Africa American Cemetery also hosted a luminary event at the site where 2,841 American soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice during World War II. Ambassador Hood noted, “After World War II, we learned how the most bitter of rivals could move past even the deepest wounds of war to address the common challenges of the future. This is why we can stand together here today not only with our allies, but also with our former adversaries, with whom we work today in partnership and friendship.”